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Tapdaq - Mediation and Cross Promotion Platform

Transparent Pricing

We believe it’s important for you to know and understand how we make money as a business, which is why we’ve kept our pricing simple, yet fair.

All Accounts Include


A transparent, flat rate

Impression commission


Up to 1 milion MAU


Unbiased Ad Mediation

Automated eCPM Data Pull

Unbeatable Dashboard

24/7 Support

Cross Promotion Campaigns

Full Placement Control

Drive App Store Reviews

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Account Management

Dedicated Integration Support

Creative Design Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unbiased ad mediation?

Unlike the majority of mediation platforms, Tapdaq does not have its own ads (demand). This means we do not have a conflict of interest when prioritising the highest paying ad networks. The end result is you can trust Tapdaq to automatically optimise your ad monetisation to ensure you earn as much revenue as possible.

How much do I have to pay for cross promotion?

If your app network is less than 1 million monthly active users (MAU), then cross promotion is completely free. If your network is larger than this, then we have a premium subscription which includes a number of benefits, including account management, integration support, and creative design services.

Why is Tapdaq better than ‘free’ mediation platforms?

Our transparent pricing is the preferred model for top app publishers. Our unbiased mediation algorithms ensure you earn more ad revenue, as only the genuinely highest paying demand sources are shown. ‘Free’ mediation platforms make money by injecting and prioritising their own demand. This is suboptimal for you as an app publisher, and has a negative effect on your ad revenue.

How does Tapdaq charge a 10% impression commission?

Tapdaq monetises 10% of your impressions by inserting our own ad network credentials into a user's session. Inserting our keys on a session level ensures it is not possible for Tapdaq to weight towards taking first/higher value impressions.