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Tapdaq - Mediation and Cross Promotion Platform

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Learn more about who we are and what we do, and discover which roles we are currently hiring for.

Tapdaq - Mediation and Cross Promotion Platform for Mobile Apps

Who we are

Tapdaq enables mobile developers to grow, retain and monetise their app’s user base. Over 4,000 developers use our in-app advertising to set up efficient cross promotion campaigns between their own apps, and our ad mediation to maximise their revenue.

VC backed and based in London, our vision is to become the default inventory management platform for mobile applications.

Tapdaq - Mediation and Cross Promotion Platform for Mobile Apps

Why join Tapdaq?

As a team we are hugely passionate about the technology we’re building and the problems we’re solving.

Like every company we do also enjoy our down time, and have regular evenings out in London as a team. Topgolf and karting are often the activities of choice.

Current Openings

We’re hiring for a number of exciting positions in London and beyond.

Web Engineer

Tapdaq offers one of the best dashboard experiences in the mobile ad industry, which is something we’re extremely proud of.

As a web engineer at Tapdaq, you’ll play a vital role in both maintaining our dashboard, and in developing new features for our developer community. You will be working closely with our lead dashboard engineer to ensure we continue to develop a highly efficient front end code base, which results in a usable and pixel perfect experience.

We build robust and reliable technology. Our dashboard and landing pages are combined in a SPA (Single-page Application), currently written in React on the front-end, and Express.js on the back-end.

We’ve built a culture which enables all team members to contribute their thoughts on our product development process and future features. As a web engineer at Tapdaq, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your own ideas on how we can make our code base more reliable, and how we can execute our feature roadmap in the most efficient manner possible.

Finally, as a team at Tapdaq, we’re always looking to iterate on our process in order to drive better results. You’ll be analytical of your own work, but in a productive and friendly culture where we all support one another.


  • Have at least 1 year commercial experience building and maintaining web application

  • Experience with React

  • Exceptional proficiency using HTML/CSS/Javascript

  • Excellent understanding of writing tests


  • Contribute to decisions when implementing new dashboard features.

  • Participate in code refactoring sessions, analysing for code smells, lack of DRYness, etc.

  • To actively promote and adhere to industry-standard best practices.

  • Profile and implement performance improvements where necessary.

  • To write good unit, functional and regression tests.

  • Participate in code reviews with other colleagues, to ensure the team as a whole produces great work.


  • Experience with ES6

  • Experience with functional (reactive) programming

  • Experience with building isomorphic apps

  • Webpack knowledge

  • React.JS, Redux, GraphQL experience

What we offer

  • Competitive salary

  • Employee options

  • Clear progression plan

  • Flexible working hours and location

  • £2K equipment budget

  • Uncapped holiday policy

Please send your CV or ask us any questions about the role via [email protected]

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