User Privacy

The Tapdaq SDK will forward these settings to each network which is initialised each they are set (either at initialisation or mid session).

These values should be set when they are known, whether they are True or False, if left in their default Unknown state then each network will handle the user in their own way, therefore it is best to provide as much data as possible.


For users within the EU.

Set values on initialisation

Updating Values

Consent can be updated mid session as well as at initialisation, it can be set and unset.


For users within the US.

When GDPR is not set to True and AgeRestrictedUser is set to True is it assumed that the user is subject to COPPA.

Set values on initialisation

Updating Values

AdMob Targeting

As of Tapdaq SDK 7.0.0, an AdMob content rating will be forwarded for every ad request to AdMob, to do this, set the value in the config either before Tapdaq has initialised or after like so:

//After Tapdaq initialises
AdManager.SetAdMobContentRating("MA"); //G PG T MA
AdManager.SetIsAgeRestrictedUser(true); //COPPA/GDPR flag

The tag_for_under_age_of_consent flag will be sent to AdMob if the user is subject to GDPR and AgeRestrictedUser is set. The ChildDirectedTreatment COPPA flag will be sent if user is not known to be subject to GDPR and AgeRestrictedUser is set. Read more about AdMob Targeting here.


Developers may set a UserId within Tapdaq, this will be used for Server-side Rewards and can optionally be forwarded to other networks. It should be set on initialisation and can be changed at any point during a session.

AdManager.Init (TDStatus.FALSE, TDStatus.FALSE, TDStatus.FALSE, "my_user_id", true);
AdManager.SetUserId("Unity UserId");

ForwardUserId must be set to true before setting the UserId during a session in order to pass the UserId to networks

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