The Offerwall is a full-screen visual that appears inside your application.

1. Override TMAdListener

You will need to override the TMAdListener class to receive callbacks on interstitial adverts. Create a new file and implement it like so:

public class OfferwallListener extends TMAdListener {
    public void didLoad() {
        // Ready to display the Offerwall

2. Load the offerwall

Before displaying an offerwall, call loadOfferwall, this should be done after didLoadConfig has been called, however offerwalls may still be available later than that.

Tapdaq.getInstance().loadOfferwall(<CurrentActivity>, new OfferwallListener);

3. Display the offerwall

Once the offerwall has loaded, listener for the didLoad event in the OfferwallListener, check its ready and call show, like so:

if(Tapdaq.getInstance().isOfferwallReady(MainActivity.this)) {
    Tapdaq.getInstance().showOfferwall(<CurrentActivity>, new OfferwallListener);

4. Load another offerwall on close

If you wish to load another offerwall after you have shown one, implement one of the following options:

A. Auto Reload all Ads

To auto reload all ads using the same placment tag set the global config before initialising, like so:

TapdaqConfig config = new TapdaqConfig(this);

B. Implement Override

When creating an ad listener, override didClose() and call load for the same type.

private class OfferwallListener extends TMAdListener {
        public void didClose() {
            Tapdaq.getInstance().loadOfferwall(<CurrentActivity>, this);

5. Reward the user

Offerwalls may provide users with rewards, this callbacks will be directed for the didCustomEvent method.

private class AdListener extends TMAdListener {
    public void didCustomEvent(Map<Object, Object> eventData) {

Need help?

If you are having any problems integrating, feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

What's next?

Now that you have successfully integrated an offerwall into your app, what would you like to do next?