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Remember to register your placement tags, for more information, please visit the interstitials docs.


Demonstrates how to initialise, load, show, reward users and use callbacks with all mediation networks included. Add your own Tapdaq AppID & Client Key to test your dashboard credentials have in set up correctly.

See further details on integrating:

Mediated Native Ads

Demonstrates how to load and display native ads from mediated networks AdMob, AppLovin & Facebook Audience Network.

See further details on integrating Native Mediation

More Apps

Demonstrates how to display our More Apps screen which cross promotes apps from the Tapdaq dashboard.

See further details on integrating More Apps

Native Ads

Demonstrates how to load and display Tapdaqs native ads to display promotions from the Tapdaq dashboard.

See further details on integrating Native Ads


Integrated mediation networks into an eclipse based project without gradle.

Interstitial on bootup

Demonstrates how to display an interstitial when lauching an app.

The following code will display an interstitial on bootup for the "main_menu" placement tag:

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        TapdaqConfig config = new TapdaqConfig();

        List<TapdaqPlacement> enabledPlacements = new ArrayList<>();
        enabledPlacements.add(TapdaqPlacement.createPlacement(Arrays.asList(CreativeType.INTERSTITIAL_PORTRAIT, CreativeType.INTERSTITIAL_LANDSCAPE), TapdaqPlacement.TDPTagDefault));

        config.withPlacementTagSupport(enabledPlacements.toArray(new TapdaqPlacement[enabledPlacements.size()]));

        Tapdaq.getInstance().initialize(this, "<APP_ID>", "<CLIENT_KEY>", config, new TMInitListener() {
            public void didInitialise() {

                Tapdaq.getInstance().loadInterstitial(MainActivity.this, TapdaqPlacement.TDPTagDefault, new TMAdListener() {
                    public void didLoad() {
                        Tapdaq.getInstance().showInterstitial(MainActivity.this, TapdaqPlacement.TDPTagDefault, new TMAdListener());

Need help?

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