Manual Installation of the Unity SDK

We recommend the latest Unity Editor, this plugin supports 5.4.0 and above.

For iOS to integrate the latest Tapdaq SDK please make sure Deployment Target is 8.0 and Xcode 11.0 or above is used. In order to build an app using older Xcode versions bitcode must be disabled.

For Android the minimum version support is API level 14.

The following networks have higher minimum requirements:

Network Android API Level Xcode iOS Deployment Target
AdColony 14 Xcode 11.0 Deployment Target: 8.0
AdMob 16 Xcode 9.2 Deployment Target: 8.0
AppLovin 16 Xcode 8.0 Deployment Target: 9.0
Chartboost 21 Xcode 8.0 Deployment Target: 8.0
Facebook AN 14 Xcode 8.0 Deployment Target: 9.0
InMobi 15 Xcode 9.3 Deployment Target: 9.3
Maio 16 Xcode 8.0 Deployment Target: 8.0
Pangle N/A Xcode 10.0 Deployment Target: 8.0
Tapjoy 14 Xcode 9.3 Deployment Target: 8.0
UnityAds 14 Xcode 8.0 Deployment Target: 9.0
Vungle 14 Xcode 9.0 Deployment Target: 8.0
YouAppi 16 Xcode 10.2 Deployment Target: 9.0
ZPlay 16 Xcode 8.0 Deployment Target: 8.0

1. Installation

A. Tapdaq Base SDK

Download the SDK, and import the Tapdaq-BaseSDK.unitypackage into your project. To do this, select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..

B. Network SDK/Adapters

Download the network adapter packages that you want to use and import them in your project, only the base project is included in the Tapdaq-BaseSDK.unitypackage. The network SDK's are included in the package, it's not required to fetch them from each network website.

C. Jetifier

If you are using Tapdaq v7.3.0 (or you have manually updated the Play Services Resolver plugin) please disable Jetifier in the Resolver settings.

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Need help?

If you are having any problems integrating, feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.