Offerwall gives users the choice to select their preferred ad experience in return for an in-app currency.

How to integrate?

Displaying an Offerwall should be handled directly with the Tapjoy SDK, Please see Tapjoy's Offerwall documentation on their website

When using Tapjoy's interstitial ads via Tapdaq, Tapjoy will be initialised by Tapdaq and does not need to be initialised within your app

Using Tapjoy Managed Currency With Tapdaq

See Tapjoy Managed Currency docs

In order to manage currency across all networks & ad units, you will need to do the following to prevent rewarding users twice.

Within the Tapjoy dashboard, set the Rewarded Video reward values to zero to prevent extra reward being added. (Note that if you have a live app with these placements, you may want to create new placements in the Tapjoy dashboard for your new version to prevent any disruption for existing users)

Within your code implement the following method from TapdaqDelegate & add values to the Tapjoy currency account like so:

- (void)rewardValidationSucceeded:(TDReward *)reward {
    if (reward.isValid) {
        [Tapjoy awardCurrency:reward.value completion:^(NSDictionary *parameters, NSError *error) {
            if (error) {
                // Failed to award currency
            } else {
                // Currency awarded successfully

You should reward users from rewarded video’s via the Tapdaq -rewardValidationSucceeded: callback.

Need help?

If you are having any problems integrating, feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

What's next?

Now that you have successfully integrated an offerwall into your app, what would you like to do next?