Manual Integration

1. Installation

To integrate the latest Tapdaq SDK, the Deployment target must be 9.0 or higher and be built with Xcode 12.0 or newer.

Open your project in Xcode, click on the project file, and select the target of the application, then click Build Phases.

Please add the following frameworks under the Link Binary With Libraries section or paste the following to the top of your AppDelegate.h/AppDelegate.swift file:

@import Accelerate;
@import AdSupport;
@import AppTrackingTransparency;
@import AudioToolbox;
@import AVFoundation;
@import CFNetwork;
@import CoreImage;
@import CoreMedia;
@import CoreMotion;
@import CoreServices;
@import CoreTelephony;
@import CoreVideo;
@import Foundation;
@import ImageIO;
@import MapKit;
@import MediaPlayer;
@import MessageUI;
@import SafariServices;
@import Security;
@import Social;
@import StoreKit;
@import SystemConfiguration;
@import VideoToolbox;
@import WatchConnectivity;
@import WebKit;

The following needs to be added manually by drag and drop in the to the Link Binary With Libraries section of your project:

  • libz.tbd
  • libc++.tbd
  • libsqlite3.0.tbd
  • libxml2.tbd
  • libresolv.9.tbd
  • libbz2.tbd
  • libc++abi.tbd
  • libiconv.tbd

B. Add the Tapdaq framework

Drag the unzipped Tapdaq.xcframework into your project (under the Frameworks group). We recommend that you tick Copy items into destination group's folder. Next, add Tapdaq.xcframework to the Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content section of your project.

Build Settings

Navigate to the Build Settings of the app's target. Select the All tab. Search for the following entries and make sure all of them are set to or contain these values:

Key Value
Other Linker Flags -ObjC

2. Add Adapters

A. Add ad network dependencies

Depending on the ad networks required, their SDKs should be added to the project.

These SDKs can be found within a folder with network's respective name in Network-SDKs directory.

All .a, .framework and .xcframework files should be added to Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content within General section of your project settings.

B. Add ad network adapters

In order for Tapdaq SDK to be able to access network SDKs, respective adapter has to be added to the project.

Tapdaq SDK will automatically detect if the ad network adapters are included in your project.

To add them, use the adapters provided in the zip, they will be located in the adapters folder. Drag and drop them to the Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content section under the General tab.

C. Add ad network resources

Some networks may require their resources to be added to the app.

If you wish to use one of the following adapters, please navigate to Network-SDKs and then to a folder named after the network you require, inside there is one or more .bundle file.

Network Bundle(s)
AppLovin AppLovinSDKResources.bundle
Pangle BUAdSDK.bundle

Please add these bundles to your Copy Bundle Resources section under Build Phases.

Need help?

If you are having any problems integrating, feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.