User Segmentation


User Variables

To identify users, set values based on the Ad Rules dashboard configuration in your app, these values can be set/modified/removed at any time (even before initialisation) and will be used when attempting to load any ad type.

Supported data types: String, Integer, Boolean

Set User Data

Pass in a key (String) and the value to use.

TapdaqConfig config = Tapdaq.getInstance().config();
config.setUserData("paying_user", true);
config.setUserData("group", "A");
config.setUserData("age", 21);

Remove User Data

Pass in the key, the key/value will be removed if it exists.

TapdaqConfig config = Tapdaq.getInstance().config();

Get User Data

Data can be fetched by key or returned in a map with key(String), value(Object). When fetching by key the return value will be an object, check its type before use.

TapdaqConfig config = Tapdaq.getInstance().config();
Object obj = config.getUserData("group");
Map<String, Object> userData = config.getAllUserData();

Need help?

If you are having any problems integrating, feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.