Use this endpoint to get additional information on all promotions on your Tapdaq account. Please note, this will be required if you want to filter your reporting data by promotion IDs.


To access any endpoint on the Tapdaq Reporting API you need to include your authentication token which can be found on the Tapdaq dashboard. You can scroll to the examples section to see how it is used.

Promotion List Request

Use the following request to get a list of all your promotions:


Single Promotion Request

Name * Type Description
filter optional all (default), advertiser, publisher Filter promotions list based on the targeted application id

If you need to request data from just one promotion object, please do so using your Promotion ID:


Response (Promotion Object)

Name Type Description
object_id CHAR(24) ID of promotion
label STRING Label of promotion set on dashboard
is_enabled BOOLEAN Desc
test BOOLEAN Is promotion true
started_at STRING ISO 8601 (2012-03-19T07:22Z) date of promotion start
type crossPromotion|urlPromotion Type of promotion
Advertiser Object --- ---
advertiser.type app|url Advertiser type (url or application)
Advertiser App Object --- --- CHAR(24) ID of application STRING Name of the application ios|android Operating system of advertiser STRING Application store URL STRING Icon URL for given application (200x200)
Advertiser URL Object --- ---
advertiser.url STRING URL targeted by this promotion
Publisher Array --- ---
publishers[].app.object_id CHAR(24) ID of publisher application
publishers[] STRING Name of that application
publishers[].app.operatingSystem ios|android Operating system of advertiser
publishers[].app.iconUrl STRING Icon URL for given application (200x200)
publishers[].placements[].tag STRING Placement tag used by this promotion
publishers[].placements[].label STRING Label of this placement set on dashboard


Loading a list of promotions...

curl "" \
    --header "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_TOKEN>"

Loading just one promotion...

curl "" \
    --header "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_TOKEN>"