Use this endpoint to get additional information on all applications attached to your Tapdaq account. Please note, this will be required if you have grouped your reporting data (either mediation or promotion) by app, and need to get more information about given application IDs (eg. application name).


To access any endpoint on the Tapdaq Reporting API you need to include your authentication token which can be found on the Tapdaq dashboard. You can scroll to the examples section to see how it is used.

App List Request

Use the following request to get a list of all your applications:



Name * Type Description
filter optional all (default), activated Filter loaded apps

Single App Request

If you need to request data from just one application object, please do so using your Application ID:


Response (Application Object)

If you selected a list or detail, the application object has attributes in a table below.

Name Type Description
id CHAR(24) Application ID
name STRING Name of your application
url STRING URL of your application on a store
iconUrl STRING URL of application icon (200x200)
deeplinkUrl STRING Deep link
sdk_mode active|test|unknown SDK mode
sdk null|Object SDK information if available
sdk.os ios|android SDK Operating System
sdk.is_newest BOOLEAN True if this app is using latest SDK, if not, your app object will have newest_sdk parameter in it.
sdk.prefix unity|null SDK plugin (if provided)
sdk.version_major NUMBER SDK major version
sdk.version_minor NUMBER SDK minor version
sdk.version_patch NUMBER SDK patch version
plugin null|Object SDK plugin information
newer_sdk undefined|Object Shows information about more recent SDK if available
operatingSystem ios|android Operating System
_storeMeta.externalId STRING ID on Google Play (string) or iTunes (number)
_storeMeta.iconUrl STRING ID on Google Play (string) or iTunes (number)
_storeMeta.type custom|ios|android ID on Google Play (string) or iTunes (number)
_storeMeta.sync_status_success BOOLEAN Is true if application is synchronized with store


Loading a list of applications...

curl "" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_TOKEN>"

Loading just one application...

curl "" \
  --header "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_TOKEN>"