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We’ve Raised $1.4M For Indie Developers

Today, I am delighted to announce some incredibly important news about Tapdaq.

I’d first like to welcome Russell Buckley to Tapdaq as our Chairman. Russell was the first employee at AdMob, where he pioneered a new form of mobile advertising, eventually exiting the business to Google for $750mn.

Secondly, I’m thrilled to announce that we have closed $1,400,000 of new capital from a great set of investors. The round has been led by Balderton Capital. Our other investors include Open Ocean Capital, Doug Scott, Steve Pankhurst, Tim Ward, Marc Nohr and Ballpark Ventures.

The Next Chapter

This funding allows us to accelerate our growth and, crucially, invest in recruiting and retaining world class talent. With this in mind, we’ll strive to provide even more value to the exceptional developers using Tapdaq.

This is the start of an incredible journey for us, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with some truly remarkable people, from all over the world.

Thank You To Our Very First Developers

None of this would be possible without the developers who have believed and continue to believe in us as a movement.

Simon, Raki, Tasnim, Austin, Puneet, Magnus, Per, SteveDavid, Magnus, Ob, Nils, Sarkar, Jake, Perjan, GabFairoz, Gregory, Evaldo, Vince, Antonio, Alexandru, Roland, AlexRoman, Adi, Niels, KirillSean,  Shaun, Brandon, Sathish, TW, Hayden, Francois, Gergely, Carla, Junice, Dave, EinavNathan and Marc. Thank you.

Ted and the Tapdaq Team (Nick, Dom, Jan, Honza, Sarah, Sam and Oliver)

P.S. The image below shows our journey to date:

Tapdaq announces raising $1.4M to help indie developers get installs


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