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Meet Tapjoy – Our New Partner In Mobile App Monetization

Last November, Tapdaq was acquired by Tapjoy. In the months since then, we’ve been hard at work integrating our products and coordinating plans for the future. Now it’s time to formally introduce Tapjoy to our community and discuss what this acquisition will mean for our clients.

What is Tapjoy?

Tapjoy is an advertising network and app monetization platform that first launched in 2007. Its goal is to deliver personalized marketing experiences that reach, convert, and engage with mobile users. It specializes in performance-based marketing campaigns that streamline channel management and reduce overhead by paying for users who hit key monetization milestones.

Tapjoy accomplishes these objectives in a variety of ways:

  • Creative Services: Tapjoy offers advertisers support via their award-winning in-house design and creative studio that helps marketers design and deliver content for ad campaigns. Interplay offers complete end-to-end support to ensure ads will have long-term performance.
  • Premium Ad Formats: Tapjoy famously invented the offerwall while operating under its pre-2010 Offerpal brand. Since those early days, Tapjoy has continued to specialize in innovative ad formats that engage all audience demographics. Its platform supports video interstitials, playables, rich media ads, and rewarded video.
  • Tapjoy SDK: Tapjoy’s one-stop SDK manages creatives and tracks engagement across each mobile app. Brands can customize features that match their audiences to target them more effectively. Tapjoy’s SDK is currently embedded in over 30,000 mobile apps, and serves 800 million active users each month.

Tapjoy has several impressive and notable commendations to its name. In 2014, the ad network reached one billion mobile devices. In 2017, it was listed as the top platform on Tenjin’s annual ad monetization report. In 2018, Tapjoy was presented the Best Mobile Campaign award at the ThinkLA IDEA awards show thanks to its partnership with Vizeum Global. Tapjoy Chief Revenue Officer Shannon Jessup was recently awarded one of four mBolden awards at MGS 2018 (Mobile Growth Leader of the Year).

And through it all, Tapjoy has consistently ranked in both volume and performance across a variety of mobile indexes. Tapjoy’s headquarters are based in San Francisco, with satellite offices located in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing.

How will this partnership affect Tapdaq customers?

This isn’t the first time Tapjoy and Tapdaq have worked together. In fact, Tapjoy was an important partner when we first developed Tapdaq’s robust app monetization platform. That’s why when this opportunity arose to create a unified ad solution, we couldn’t pass it up. Working together, Tapjoy and Tapdaq can play to each other’s strengths and accomplish goals that would be far more challenging apart.

In many ways, little will change at Tapdaq or Tapjoy. Our clients can expect the same level of service to continue uninterrupted across our entire platform:

    • Ad monetization: Tapdaq’s SDK bidding, dynamic auction floors, flexible server-side controls and unrivalled transparency remain unchanged. We will continue to ensure the highest paying campaigns win every available impression with no conflict of interest.
    • Cross promotion: Our powerful cross promotion technology will always help clients deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time. You can continue to manage promotions and track impressions in real-time with our intuitive self-serve dashboard.
    • Ad analytics: Our transparent mediation analytics solution will continue to measure your ad performance, providing the visualizations and actionable insights you need to succeed.
  • Pricing: Tapdaq is now free. To utilise Tapdaq’s mediation, developers simply need to enable Tapjoy demand within the waterfall. You can continue to expect the same level of transparency we have always made available for developers, like ordinal reporting and the predicted prices of optimised eCPM’s – so you can ensure there is a level playing field across the demand networks you work with.

The Future of Tapdaq

The growing importance of programmatic mediation is a major priority for Tapjoy. As such, our current plan is to integrate Tapdaq’s offerings into Tapjoy’s SDK to provide a more powerful, comprehensive mobile solution. These tools will be available natively to game publishers, marketers, and other mobile monetization experts without the need to install additional SDKs.

“Tapjoy and Tapdaq are established mobile monetization players with almost two decades of expertise between them,” said Jeff Drobick, CEO of Tapjoy. “It’s incredibly exciting to work together. By playing to each other’s strengths, we can create stronger monetization and mediation platforms that benefit all of our clients.”

“Between Tapdaq’s mediation tools and Tapjoy’s monetization platform, we have access to the most powerful advertising solutions of the mobile market,” said Ted Nash, CEO of Tapdaq. “Integrating our services is a promising step, but it’s still just a first step. We’ve been having great conversations with the Tapjoy team about our next moves, and can’t wait to share them with you.

Much of what we will offer is still in the works, but we will share further details as they become available! For more details about the Tapjoy x Tapdaq partnership and related news, visit Tapjoy’s website and be sure to follow them on across social media and industry databases:

Want to start taking advantage of the combined power of Tapjoy and Tapdaq? Contact the Tapjoy developer relations team and you’ll be the first to know about what’s next for our comprehensive suite of app monetization solutions.

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