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Product Updates: Mintegral Bidding Partnership, Dashboard Activity Logs

New Bidding Partnership: Mintegral

Mintegral is now bidding partner in our programmatic mediation solution, SDK Bidding. Available on request in SDK versions v7.3.0 and higher, Mintegral has joined Tapjoy and AdColony in competing for every available impression in real time. 

To start utilising SDK Bidding, please contact your Tapdaq account manager.


Dashboard Activity Logs

Whether you’re enabling a new ad network or changing fixed prices for ad network zones, it’s important to monitor the impact on your monetization performance campaigns. Tapdaq’s dashboard now features an event log page that allows publishers to review all changes made to an account. All events are arranged by timestamp, application, and account user, allowing you to identify actions with the greatest impact on ad revenue. 

To access the Activity Logs page, log in to the Tapdaq dashboard and open the account section of the left menu. Then, click on the Activity Logs link.


Stronger APAC Performance

In addition to our new bidding partner, Mintegral, we have added traditional integrations for Maio and TikTok Audience Network.

  • Maio are one of Japan’s leading premium demand sources. With support for both video interstitial and rewarded video, we’re excited to add such a strong regional partner to the Tapdaq platform.
  • Like Maio, TikTok Audience Network support’s video interstitial and rewarded video ad formats through Tapdaq’s mediation layer. Whilst TikTok is particularly strong in China, their demand is strengthening in wider regions and we’re excited to be part of this growth.


iOS 13 Compatibility

We’ve worked with all of our network partners to ensure your ad monetisation efforts are not negatively impacted by the release of iOS 13.

In our latest SDK release (v7.3.0), alongside iOS 13 compatibility fixes, we’ve included SDK updates that contain important updates from several demand sources. These include:

  • Removal of UIWebView from multiple networks.
  • Support for passing isAgeRestrictedUser to Tapjoy and Facebook Audience Network.
  • The addition of Mintegral, Maio and TikTok Audience Network as demand partners.
  • Network SDK updates for a wide range of partners that include improved stability and caching performance.

Full change logs and update guides can be found on our documentation pages.

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