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New Bidding Partnership With Facebook Audience Network

At Tapdaq, our core focus is to help app publishers mediate premium ad networks as efficiently as possible. As part of these efforts, in 2018, we launched SDK Bidding which currently supports real-time bid data from Tapjoy, AdColony, and Mintegral. 

Today we are pleased to announce that through Tapdaq, publishers can also access app bidding with Facebook Audience Network.

The addition of Facebook Audience Network is a key step in pushing forward a fundamental shift in the industry toward what is already delivering many benefits for app publishers, including:

Fair Competition

SDK Bidding enables all bidding partners to compete for every available impression, meaning more competition and higher revenues for publishers. This is in stark contrast to waterfall mediation, where ad networks were prioritised based on historical eCPMs and resulted in demand sources having to wait their turn to compete.

Operational Efficiency

With more networks supporting real-time bidding, publishers no longer have to worry about the accuracy of predictive algorithms. Programmatic mediation affords developers greater revenue using fewer demand sources, which means less time spent on manual optimization. 

Reduced Latency

With fewer networks requiring manual price floors, ads can be served lightning-fast with little to no latency.

“App bidding is a pivotal shift towards a more open and efficient way for publishers to monetize,” said Vijay Balan, Head of Publisher Solutions Partnerships, Facebook Audience Network. “With bidding, publishers get the highest price for their inventory while saving valuable time in ad operations – it’s a game-changer for publishers and becoming the new norm in ad monetization. We’re happy to partner with Tapdaq to advance bidding in the industry and help more publishers experience its benefits.”

Ted Nash, Tapdaq CEO said, “We’re delighted to launch Facebook Audience Network on SDK Bidding to both our current and soon-to-be publishers. As one of the leading networks within the mobile ecosystem, we believe Facebook is a critical part of any developer’s mobile advertising stack. We share a common belief that SDK bidding demand should be available across all platforms, so we’re excited to continue working with Facebook in championing the most competitive demand to publishers globally.” 

We are continuing to work with both new and existing demand partners to ensure our list of programmatic ad partners continues to grow. Stay tuned for future updates!

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